Raven Stole The Sun - Angoon AK - 2015

2015 Raven Stole the Sun - Angoon, Alaska

Sarah collaborated with Angoon students and teachers to create and perform an original play sharing the story of how Raven brought light to the world.  Angoon educator Pauline Duncan led students to use Tlingit songs and dance in telling the story.  Sarah led Junior High and High School students in studying traditional versions of the story, learning elements of playwriting, and writing the story as a play.  She worked with 4th-12th grade students to build papier-mâché puppets to represent characters, and K-2nd grade students to create props and scenery.  Students K-12 performed ‘Raven Stole the Sun’ for a community audience on November 12, 2015.

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Angoon Play To Be Live-Streamed Thursday

Angoon Students Stage 'Raven Stole The Sun'

This project was sponsored by the Alaska State Arts Council and Chatham School District through the Artists in Schools program. 






2015 Shapes and Movement - Sitka, Alaska

Through a two-week residency at Baranof Elementary School, Sarah worked with 180 Kindergarten and 1st grade students to develop kinesthetic skills.  Students learned how to make geometric shapes with their bodies, and expanded their movement vocabularies to include elements of gesture, rhythm, and motion/stillness.  Students connected movement skills and marine ecology studies through the creation of 'Marine Tableaus'. 

This project was sponsored by the Alaska State Council on the Arts, Sitka Fine Arts Camp, and Sitka School District through the Artists in Schools program.