Wild Things - Gustavus AK 2015

Wild Things - Gustavus AK - 2015

Sarah led 75 Gustavus students in the design and creation of giant puppets.  Each grade level made a distinct style of puppet: some stood over 10 feet tall, others required 15 students to move!  Each puppet was formed from a combination of papier-mâché, cardboard, and common house-hold "junk" (plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc.)  The theme for the project was "Wild Things", inspired by Maurice Sendak's famous book.  Students read and studied the story, then had the opportunity to build their own wild things.  The project culminated in a Puppet Parade (and dance!) for a community audience on Oct 30, 2015. 

This project was sponsored by the Alaska State Arts Council and Chatham School District through the Artists in Schools program, and utilized supplies donated by the Juneau Empire and Fred Meyers of Juneau.