Story Corner - Prince of Wales, AK - 2016

Story Corner - Prince of Wales Island - 2016

The Story Corner project was developed for the Prince of Wales Landscape Assessment Team (POWLAT), a multi-community group formed in order to provide recommendations to the US Forest Service about management of public lands surrounding the 13 Prince of Wales villages. 

As part of this process, POWLAT held a one-day natural resource fair in Craig.  This provided an opportunity for natural resource professionals to provide information to residents about a variety of island resources, including: karst geology, old and young growth timber, wolf populations, deer populations, edible and invasive plants. The fair was attended by over 100 community members.  I built one corner of the community hall into the 'Story Corner'.

The Story Corner included several topographic maps of POW island.  These were set up for interactive mapping: I asked local residents about ways they use the land, and they marked the maps with colored dots to indicate different types of usage.  These maps were later compiled and digitized.  Next to the maps I created an interview booth.  I interviewed community members about the values they hold as POW residents, and their dreams and concerns for the future of the island.  I took audio recordings of the interviews as well as photo stills.  These were later compiled and shared with POWLAT Team members.

I developed the Story Corner project in collaboration with Cathy Needham of Kai Environmental, Bob Christensen of Sustainable Southeast Partnership, and staff at The Nature Conservancy's Southeast Alaska office.