This Place/This Sound

This Place/This Sound - Gustavus, Alaska and Brooklyn, NY

The performance and video piece This Place/This Sound was developed during 2014 and 2015 in partnership with the NYC based artist collective Link-Link Club as part of a cross-discipline, cross-country collaboration entitled 'Immersive Exchange Initiative I - Gustavus'.  Sarah partnered with Gustavus artist Hank Lentfer and Brooklyn-based artists Julian Bozeman and Sarah Conarro to integrate elements of dance, video, animation, and music composition with natural sound recordings from Gustavus.  

Phase 1:  May 2014

  • Bozeman joined Lentfer for an early morning field recording session in Gustavus, as part of Lentfer's work gathering natural sounds for Cornell University and Glacier Bay National Park.  Check out the 'Voices of Glacier Bay' Soundscape Project here!

  • Campen choreographed the dance piece 'Spring: Finally', reflecting a quiet spring day in Gustavus.  Her live performance in a Gustavus field was filmed by Bozeman.  

Phase 2: March 2015

  • Bozeman inserted a selection of Lentfer's natural sounds: humpack whale grunts, seal calls, raven wings beating - into a sampler, and used them as the basis for a new musical composition. 
  • Sarah traveled to NY for a micro-residency at Dreamer's Welcome in Brooklyn.  Check out going's ons at Dreamer's Welcome here!

  • At Dreamer's Welcome Sarah choreographed a second dance piece to Bozeman's composition.  This piece was filmed at several locations around Williamsburg, including Dreamer's Welcome studio space and the DUMBO ferry landing.
  •  Conarro and Bozeman added animation, and edited the multiple takes into one layered video.

Phase 3: July 2015

  • Campen and Conarro brought the project full circle - back to Gustavus.  They shared the final This Place/This Sound video with community members, and Campen performed a third piece of choreography in front of the projection of the video.   


For more on the artist collective Link-Link Club, check this website! 

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